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Dian Luo - Black single triangular pyramids necklace

Black single triangular pyramids necklace, 2013.
Materials: Black mirror card, tracing paper, 12v warm white LED strip, 12v A23 battery, SP slide switch, battery box, 0.1mm copper wires
Dimensions: 18x30x4cm


Information about the Brighten Collection:
This collection is inspired by cactus, they protect themselves against terrible environment remind her of power women. The mystery of the female inner world is the centre of the collection. The work are beautifully made by LED lights, mirror cards and polydraw into geometric shapes, and controlled by individual switches. When the LEDs are on, the prickly and sparkle shadow reflects the strength and hidden power of modern ladies.
Information about the artist:
Dian Luo, an up-and-coming Chinese jewellery designer graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and currently base in London. She believes jewellery is not only a decoration, but a memorable treasure which strikes a chord in our mind. She is talented in expressing the thought of lives by using insignificant object surrounding us, “I want the audience to pay attention on something insubstantial but powerful” she said, “everything has its own reason to exist.” Using light as the design source, Dian transforms it from abstractive element into multiplicity of geometric jewellery pieces that play with shadow and movement. She combines modern technology with body ornaments to replace the transitional jewellery which makes people to reconsider the value of precious metals and stones.