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Flash@hebburn By Charles Quick: Urban Art in the New Century

The creation of the public art installation Flash @Hebburn featuring light and electricity, by Charles Quick, on the River Tyne at Hebburn Riverside Park in Tyne & Wear, UK spanned a period of seven and a half years and was inaugurated on March 9th 2009.
The publication of Flash@Hebburn, edited by Jonathan Vickery, extensively documents the testing, making and installing of a public art installation that resembles a technical installation and also serves to evoke a largely post-industrial site without resorting to nostalgia, and also relates strongly to the community where it is placed. His essay, Infrastructures: Creating Flash@Hebburn, places the work not only in its context of site and its relation to the audience but also in the development of an art world discourse on new urban arts.
Hebburn had been an important industrial centre with coal mining, ship-building, steel works, chemical works, coke production and high voltage electrical engineering. The installation was inspired by the flashes of light that were associated with the industries along the river and consists of a grid of 12, 8.5 metre-high columns with photovoltaic panels on the top powering 1 metre-high blue and white LED tubes. FLASH@Hebburn activates for a 30-second programme every 15 minutes throughout the day and one of eight different 15-minute sequences starts at dusk each night developed by local groups for the artwork representing what Hebburn and the Riverside Park meant to them.
Publication Details:
Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Art & Architecture Journal Press (2 April 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0956519202
ISBN-13: 978-0956519207