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Monkeylectric LED bike light



Rugged and efficient, these high-performance lights will ensure you stay visible in all weather conditions. Of course, if all you want is to stay visible, just strap a torch to your head with some gaffer tape. With the MonkeyLectric LED Bike Lights you’ll be putting on a disco lightshow for everyone in the area.
When not in use, the MonkeyLectric unit is inconspicuous and won’t impact on your ride, but can be removed easily if necessary. Fantastic for festivals, night riders or anyone a bit bored with their bike, these LEDs make for some wheelie great light-art.


Product Features:
100% waterproof
Full colour graphic LEDs
Wide-angle visibility
Separate, hub-mounted battery keeps things balanced
Durable, solid rubber construction
Stainless steel strap
MonkeyFX creates animated life art
10 ultra-bright LEDs (M210)
20 themes with 100s of combinations (M210)


Battery Requirements:
3x AA batteries – not included


Fits 20” and larger wheels
M210 light measures approximately 13.5cm(W) x 1cm(D) x 5.4cm(H)
M210 light weighs approximately 40g
Each battery Holder measures approximately 8.5cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 3.8cm(H)
Each battery Holder weighs approximately 68g (without batteries)