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Pigs Might Fly

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Pigs Might Fly (Card Cutout)

Keith Newstead
With a turn of the crank, the pig flaps its wings and stretches its legs as it gracefully calls into question the old adage. 
Difficulty: Medium.
- Crank mechanism 
- Size: 28 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm 
The separate parts are printed on cardboard in A4 format, the parts of the drive mechanism are black and white, the moving figures are coloured. Illustrated instructions are enclosed, as well the rods which are needed for the assembly. 
The single pieces have to be cut, scored, folded and stuck together. You will need tools like scissors, craft knife, cutting board and glue. Helpful are a steel rule, a pair of tweezers and a stick to press on the tabs.