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TWSU - Electro Dough Kit

Electro Dough Kit


What is it?
This kit allows you to create your own responsive and interactive sculptures using LEDs, batteries and playdough! Electro-Dough promises to take a hands on approach to discovering the possibilities of using electronics and programming in creating physical objects.


How does it work?
This do-it-yourself kit provides fun and easy instructions describing how to make your own conductive and non conductive play dough as well as simple diagrams for simple electronic experiements. The conductive dough contains lemon juice which aids the flow of electrons through the circuit. The non-conductive dough contains sugar, which makes it resistive. Use the two different doughs to create electronic sculptures! Teach yourself and your kids about the basic principles of electronics and circuitry. As already made dough is not included in the kit - but rather you will make your own with the simple recipe - this means you can re-use the kit over and over again!
Suitable for ages 4+ (contains small parts so adult supervision is advised)


Information about Technology Will Save Us:
Technology Will Save Us exists to educate and enable people to make and experiment creatively with technology.
Devices, gadgets and computers are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Yet most people know so little about what these things are made of; let alone how to fix them or create new ways to use them. However, an exciting shift is emerging in society, a shift where people are finding new and inventive ways to re-skill.
Whether it be learning how to sew, garden, build furniture or bake bread – the desire to produce, invent, make and fix things is re-emerging in London. There are also skills we have never actually learnt about, which are key to understanding many of the modern technologies we take for granted.
TWSU see an opportunity to ‘pre–skill’ people around these modern technologies and see what new services and products we can create together. This is all part of a bigger belief that we can all live more sustainable and more conscious lives. By understanding what goes into the things we use daily, rather than simply throwing away what we no longer have use for, we will have the new-found potential to fix, re-use and re-purpose
TWSU believe technology can play a much more creative role in people’s lives. Technology Will Save Us.